Cut & FinishSenior Stylist*Stylist*
Wash, Cut and blow-dry32.0029.00
Wet cut24.5021.50
Fringe - Exisiting £5 or cut in £75.00 or 7.005.00 or 7.00

Colour ServicesStylist*Senior Stylist*
T-Section & rough dry35.0025.00
1/2 head no cut65.0062.00
1/2 head with cut79.0076.00
1/2 head + tint no cut87.0084.00
1/2 head + tint with cut100.0098.00
Full head no cut80.0077.00
Full head with cut93.0090.00
Tint no cut55.0052.00
Tint with cut68.0065.00
Root tint (Rough blow dry ONLY)37.0027.00

GentsSenior Stylist*Stylist*
All over shave10.00n/a
Wash, cut and finish18.50n/a

ChildrenSenior Stylist*Stylist*
Girls wet cut (0 - 4)10.5010.50
Girls wet cut (5 - 11)13.5013.50
Girls wet cut (12 - 15)21.0021.00
Boys wet cut (0 - 4)8.50n/a
Boys wet cut (5 - 11)10.50n/a
Boys wet cut (12 - 15)14.50n/a

PermsSenior Stylist*Stylist*
Animatic (Includes cut & blowdry)51.00n/a
Loreal Dulcia (Includes cut & blowdry)57.00n/a

Other ServicesSenior Stylist*Stylist*
Bridal hair50.0045.00
Hair up (Adult)40.0035.00
hair Up Trial15.0015.00
Hair up (Child)/Prom Hair25.0020.00
Pleats and Plaits10.0010.00
Bleach Bath21.0021.00
Colour Refresh/Enhancement (Inc rough dry)25.0025.00
L'Oreal Professionnel X-Tenso smoothing service100n/a
GK Keratin Treatmentn/a120.00
Extensions (Price upon consultation)n/aConsultation
Gents/Boys Perm (Includes cut)45.00n/a
Gents Colour (Includes cut)40.00n/a

TreatmentsSenior Stylist*Stylist*
Loreal Acidic Sealer4.004.00
Loreal Pro Longer6.006.00
Olaplex 4 in 1 Masque8.008.00
Olaplex - No blowdry20.0020.00
Olaplex - With blowdry40.0040.00
Olaplex Ultimate - Includes
Olaplex 1 ,2, 4, 4 in 1 mask
& blowdry

Senior Citizens (Tuesdays only)Senior Stylist*Stylist*
Cut and blow-dry or set25.0022.00
Set and blow-dry19.0016.00
Wet cut20.0017.00

*All prices are 'from' and where applicable based on short hair length. Additional charges may apply.

All prices include a consultation,head massage (where applicable) and choice of beverage.

For a more accurate price or a more comprehensive list of our services please call us on 020 8573 0222 or why not pop in and see us.

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