Want to go lighter?  Thinking of having some hi-lights?  Sometimes this process can only be achieved by using Bleach so here’s a few things to consider before taking the plunge.


Hair bleaching is a chemical process that involves stripping the pigment (colour) from the hair strands which then result in giving a lighter hair colour. Everyone’s hair contains different levels of pigment which is why sometimes bleach is only required to stay on the hair for a short amount of time however if there is a lot of pigment then this may require bleach to be on the hair for longer for it to be dissolved.  If your hair has existing blonde tones then it will be easier to lift the colour using bleach however if you are darker i.e brunette/black then your hair may appear yellow or even a warm reddish tone after the first application.


We as hairdressers will never go ahead with a colour service using bleach if the client’s hair is damaged.   The process of bleaching your hair can be hard on your locks but it doesn’t have to be.  There are products that can be added to the bleach which protect your hair during the colouring process and we would always recommend using one of these.  At the Hairdressers we use “Olaplex”.   It’s the ultimate breakage insurance for your hair.


You should never wash your hair before having a bleaching service as this will strip it of its natural oils.  A bleaching service should always be done on dry hair as the results on wet hair are not as effective.


Before considering any bleaching service, you should have a thorough consultation with your hairdresser as there are so many things to consider.  Look out for our follow-up blog coming soon that gives you more of an insight into what to expect when you bleach your hair.


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