The first step is recognising that your hair has been damaged by chlorine. You can usually spot the signs as your hair will feel very dry, be fizzy in texture and may even tangle more than it did before.  If you think it might be chlorine damaged then why not ask the advice of your hairdresser!  In some cases, your scalp may become itchy and also if you have hi-lighted blonde hair then it may even have a slightly “greenish” tinge to it.


There are at-home remedies that will help reverse or ease any dryness and itchiness such as using a clarifying shampoo which will help remove the chlorine from your hair strands.  For your scalp you will need a moisturising conditioner to help repair your scalp.  It would also be beneficial to use a deep conditioning mask once or twice a week to give your hair that extra boost it needs.


“Green” hair is something we see quite often after people have been on holiday, especially if they have blonde hi-lights and they’ve spent 2 weeks of their holiday in the swimming pool.


Here’s the science; Chlorine bonds with copper, manganese, iron and other hard metals in swimming pool water which can tint your hair a shade of dull, ashy green.  If this happens to you then try these as they have been known to work although we haven’t tried them;

-       Use baking soda

-       Wash your hair in Lemon Juice

-       Soak your hair in Coke


If all else fails then a quick visit to see your hairdresser should help as we are sure they’ll be able to get you sorted in no time at all.


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