Chlorine is present in swimming pools and at this time of year we may be thinking of going on holiday but we also need to think about the health of our hair whilst doing so.


Chlorine is present in swimming pools and increased exposure to this can have damaging effect on your hair and skin.


Chlorinated water makes our hair dry and weak which can cause breakage. Chlorine strips the natural oils from your hair and can cause the hair strands to crack and split.  It removes moisture and can also change the colour of your hair whether it be natural or dyed.


If your hair is fine, coloured, bleached, dry, thin or fine then you need to be careful.

To protect your hair then as best as possible there are few things you can do; 


1.   Rinse and wet your hair before and after swimming. Once your hair strands absorb clean water it will minimise the amount of chlorine that is absorbed.

2.   Apply a leave-in chlorine protectant before you enter the pool.

3.   Use a swim spray, this will act as a barrier and block chlorine from penetrating your strands.

4.   Use a gentle shampoo, something that is sulphate free is recommended as this will wash away any remnants of chlorine.

5.   Wear a swimming cap

6.   Put long hair into a pony tail so that it doesn’t come into contact with water.

7.   After swimming rinse your hair thoroughly and then apply a leave-in conditioner and allow to dry naturally.


Watch out for our next blog post which will tell you more about how to fix chlorine damaged hair.


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