Did you know that free radicals from environmental pollutants can cause hair loss, thinning and weakening of the hair strands.


Oxidative stress that environmental pollutants put our bodies through impacts our hair by damaging the proteins in our hair.  Some of the top culprits are:

-       Exposure to smoke or smoking

-       Sunburn or excessive exposure to the sun

-       Fuel and exhaust fumes

-       Airborne allergens such as pollen, mould and dust


We need to create a barrier between our hair and these pollutants.  

WEAR A WRAP OR SCALF this will shield your hair from the sun’s harmful rays and cause a physical barrier between your tresses and air pollution.

AVOID STICKY STYLING PRODUCTS as these leave a residue that’s just sitting there waiting for toxins and pollutants to stick to our hair.

STYLE YOUR HAIR IN A BRAID OR A TWIST as by tying it back there is less of it exposed to air pollution and airborne allergies.  

HEATED STYLING TOOLS believe it or not, if not protected can weaken the strands and an even cause them to break as once the strands are weakened the become vulnerable.

HAIR MASKS are a great way of helping smooth the cuticle.  Aging hair tends to be rougher, more porous leaving us with rough cuticles which makes hair susceptible to picking up pollutants.  A mask will smooth and seal rough, raised cuticles whilst giving maximum hydration which makes it harder for toxins to penetrate the hair.


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