We've all done it haven't we, you're happily blow drying your hair and then bang, you find yourself in a situation where your brush is stuck..... Nightmare, what do you do next? Here's some simple tips to help if this ever happens to you;

- Don't panic as this will make things worse. It will come out.

- Do not pull on the brush as pulling make make the knot tighter.

- Use your fingers - Pull individual strands out of the brush with your fingers.

- Take your time - It may take a while but working slowly is better.

- After the brush is out - your hair may have knots so remove these gently by working from the tip to the roots.

Round brushes are the most common for getting stuck in hair and this is because the bristles go all the way around the brush and hair can get caught at the bottom of the brush or gets twisted up as it rolls off the end of the brush.


The best piece of advice we can give really is not to panic and don't try pulling the brush out as this will make things much worse. 


Future tips;

- Always start your new blow dry with a clean/hair free brush

- Blow dry your hair in small sections

- Blow dry in one direction at a time, do not roll the brush backwards from the direction you started in.


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