Firstly, what’s the difference between a haircut and a hair trim? A haircut is changing the style and shape of your hair completely.  A hair trim is helping you maintain the style and shape of your cut as well as removing any damage.


Here’s the benefits:

Hair trimming helps remove any nasty looking split ends.  After these are cut your hair will look and feel so much better and also

promotes healthy hair growth at the same time.


Throughout the winter we tend to wear lots of hats as it’s cold and this although it protects us from the weather it’s not always good on our hair as it can rough up the hair strands.  The process of trimming removes any damaged hairs and helps reduce the potential for any future breakage.


Once the rough, dead ends have been removed you’ll notice that your hair will be much easier to style as your tools will not be getting stuck in those dead ends.


Hair trimming automatically makes your hair look much thicker, fuller and healthier from the root to the tip.


If you suffer from the occasional knot in your hair then you’ll notice that your hair will become less knotty after you’ve had those pesky split ends cut off.  The ends will be clean and fresh so there is damage left in your hair to cause knots.


You should ideally aim to have a trim every 6-10 weeks to keep your hair looking and feeling it’s best.


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