If you have had any of the above since your last colour service with us then you WILL need to have another Skin/Allergy test. It really is important that you tell us if you've had any of these as otherwise you could experience a reaction during your colouring service.

We always aim to keep our clients as safe as possible but we can only do this with your help and it's really important that you are honest when we ask you if you've had any of these done. It's very easy to think that everything will be O.K. but at The Hairdressers safety really does come first.

So, before you book your next colour service THINK - have I had any of these done! If you have then you need to let us know as we will ask you when you arrive for your service. If the answer is YES then we may have to postpone your service for another day until you've had another test. This is something that we don’t really want to have to do and we thank you for your attention to this post.


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