If you're looking for quick fix for hiding oily roots, then we’ve got some great tips coming up for you.  Let’s be honest, we’ve all had a day when you’ve woken up, your hair is greasy and you just can’t be bothered to go through the motions of washing and drying it. 

There are plenty of things for disguising oily locks. Trust us there are lots of options. 

Get clippy - Hide greasy hair days by styling them out with a bunch of cute clips. Whether you opt for a side or centre parting, adding a couple of slides can instantly make 'slicked down' hair look totally intentional.

Try a silk scarf -Invest in a pretty patterned scarf, it'll hide dirty hair whilst still looking cute-as-can-be.

Add extra height to your crown - If you want to counter flat, greasy roots, use a clip to pull back the top section and then mist with hairspray. Leave it up whilst you're getting ready (for at least 10 mins), then take the hair down and run your fingers through the strands to separate. It'll help cheat extra height and lift roots, giving the appearance of fresher hair.

Switch to a side parting - Parting hair down the centre can leave the roots looking a bit flat - a no-no if you've got greasy hair as it'll emphasise the dirtiness, opt for a deep side parting instead and your hair will instantly look thicker, plus it'll hide any straggly-ness.

Throw a hat on - If you struggle when it comes to complicated hairstyles, throw on a beanie or cap to hide those greasy roots.


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