Life is busy and most of the time we are in a rush to dry our hair. We put the hairdryer on the hottest temperature, the fastest speed just to get the job done but STOP! Here's what we should be doing; The thought of letting our hair dry naturally during the Winter is enough to give you goose bumps alone but if you can do it, you should. Excessive heat from your hairdryer simply isn't good for your hair and it dry’s it out unnecessarily. As mentioned last week, the air in the Winter is dryer and lacks moisture so by using a dryer we are just stripping the hair more of any moisture that it might contain. If you simply can't live without your hairdryer then at least apply a heat protection product before you start drying and make sure that you have your dryer set to a medium to low setting. It may take your hair slightly longer to dry but it's much kinder in the long run. These simple tips really will make the difference.


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