Did you know, there is a really easy way to get 10% off your bill at The Hairdressers!

We love to show thanks to our clients for their loyalty.  So, all you have to do is next time you are in salon having your hair done, take a photo of the finished result and upload the picture onto your social media account and tag us in it.  That’s it.  We’ll give you a card and you’ll then receive 10% off your next bill.  The best thing is, you can use this 10% against any service in the salon.  10% off your colour, cut and blow dry service can save you a few pounds so it’s definitely worth the 2 minutes it takes to post a picture.  The best thing is, you’ll save money and your friends and family will get to see how fabulous you look.  What’s not to love!  You’ll be able to find us on the following:

Google/Facebook or Instagram.

Remember you have to tag The Hairdressers in your photo to receive the discount off of your next service.

Don’t forget to ask out our Social’s card next time you visit us.


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