We really do understand that from time to time you may need to cancel an appointment with us. Things crop up that are unavoidable and the days plans go out the window and you suddenly find yourself in the situation where you need to cancel your appointment with us.

In an ideal world we like we would ask is that you try and give us as much notice as possible. Ideally, we would like at least 48 hours’ notice. 

As you will know, sometimes it's difficult to get an appointment with your stylist due to the fact that they are always busy and normally there is a waiting list of clients wanting appointments. 

If you give us enough notice that you wish to cancel your appointment then we can then offer your space to someone who may be waiting for one.  This could be you.   We would kindly ask you to contact us by one of these methods if you do need to cancel/re-schedule a future appointment. 

BY PHONE: our salon is open from 9am – 6pm daily and 9-7pm on a Friday and closed on a Saturday.  We have an answer machine so if you are calling outside of these hours then you can always leave us a message and we’ll pick it up as soon as we arrive at the salon.  All you need to do is leave us a brief message detailing your name, the date of your appointment and your telephone number so that we can call you back if we need to.

VIA FACEBOOK: we have a facebook page.  /thehairdressershayes.  You can always send us a message on here and we will get straight back to you as soon as we receive it.  Just a quick message to let us know you cannot make it will be much appreciated.

VIA E-MAIL: we check our e-mails several times a day so you can always send us a notification this way that you are unable to make an appointment. Our 

e-mail address is info@thehairdressers.co.uk.  We’ll get back to you and again, we’d really appreciated you letting us know you cannot attend your appointment. 

We cannot stress how important it is that you let us know if you cannot make it especially if you are booked in for a big service with one of the team.  If you’ve booked to have a colour, cut and blow dry and then don’t show up then this could leave your stylist with no work to do for 2-3 hours which is really not fair on them or the salon.  Especially, when they expect to be busy for the day and then suddenly, they have no clients.  So, next time you need to cancel then we’d kindly ask that you use one of these methods to let us know.

Thank you for your understanding and consideration, all the team at The Hairdressers x


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