When a new product is launched one important question, we can find ourselves asking is "what is the difference between this new one and the one I already have".   It really can be confusing and you can end up feeling that they are all the same.  To help you figure out the difference between Olaplex 9 and Olaplex 6 we’ve done a quick breakdown for you.

No 6: Styling Treatment

- Gives you anti-frizz control for up to 72 hours

- Allows you to reduce your blow-drying time

- Smoothes your hair

- Adds moisture

- Strengthens your hair

Olaplex 6 is excellent for all hair types.  It strengthens, moisturises and eliminates frizz and flyways for up to 72 hours. It noticeably repairs extreme damaged hair turning dry brittle hair into soft, shiny more resilient hair.

How to use: - Apply to damp or dry hair making sure that you place it on the mid-lengths and ends.  One pump should be enough for short to shoulder length hair but if your hair is longer and thicker then you could need to use 2 pumps and then blow dry as normal for a long-lasting smooth finish.

No 9: Nourishing Serum

- Protects you from pollution

- Allows your hair to be more manageable

- Provides a heat protection

- Anti-tangle properties

- Makes your curls super bouncy

Olaplex 9 is great for the summer months, just like sometimes we switch up our face moisturiser in the summer for a lighter one this is the same with Olaplex 9.  Because it’s a leave in serum it protects your hair for up to 48 hours.  Its weightless and silicone free which and also provides heat protection up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. 

How to use: - After washing your hair with Olaplex 4 shampoo and then conditioning with Olaplex 5, towel dry your hair until the hair feels damp and then apply a pump of Olaplex 9 all over the hair, making sure to distribute it evenly. 

If you have any further questions on which Olaplex product is right for you and your hair then just give us a call or pop in the salon and see one of our stylists.


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