We always find that people with curly hair want straight hair and vice versa.  Finding products for straight hair is relatively easy but finding the right products to tame curly hair is a completely different ball game.  Curls come in all different shapes and sizes from tight coils to relaxed waves.  Whatever type of curls you have we are pleased to confirm that we’ve got this amazing new range from L’Oreal that will change the way you style your hair forever.

The experts at L’Oreal have designed a range just for curly girls and boys and we couldn’t be happier.  This is long overdue as we have take-home ranges for everything else, damaged hair, coloured hair, anti-breakage so finally we have something for those clients with curls... 

The Curl Expression range contains 3 active ingredients: Glycerin Urea H and Hibiscus Seed.  Combined these give your hair 2 x more hydration than normal, 11 x more definition and up to 37% faster drying time.

GLYCERIN: Plant-based humectant known for its effective moisturising power as it holds on to water.  It’s highly concentrated at up to 3% it provides long lasting hydration on the driest of fibres.

UREA H: Naturally present in skin, the emollient agent has a double action of retaining hydration and reinforcing hydrolipid barrier.

HIBISCUS SEED: Deeply rooted in African beauty rituals, this super rich natural source of amino-acids and high-grade vitamins is extracted from the heart of the hibiscus flower for ages for its amazing benefits of moisture, strength, shine, softness and curl definition.

Our incredible in-salon range has something for everyone and every type of curl;

Intense moisturising cleansing cream: Ultra creamy formula that transforms into a rich and enveloping foam when in contact with water.  Gently cleanses curls while providing weightless, long-lasting hydration.  Sulphate and Paraben free.

Intensive moisture mask: Soft-melting balmy formula that is instantly absorbed by curls to seal in moisture.  Deeply hydrates curls and coils while providing shine.

Long-lasting intensive leave in moisturiser with heat protection: It protects the hair against up to 230 degrees C.  A creamy gliding formula that lasts on hair whilst not weighing it down.

10-in-1 cream-in-mousse: Alcohol free formula that combines the deep care of a cream with the fluffiness of a mousse in a satisfying whipped cream texture that melts evenly into hair with care.

Definition activator leave in:  Unique formula combining the deep care of a cream with the extra hold of a jelly for perfectly defined curls and coils with no crunch.

Curl reviver leave in: Instantly revives curls the next morning for 6 times more definition and minimum effort.

This range is a game changer for curls and is must have in any daily hair care routine.  Available in-salon now.


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