So, this year it seems that we are being blessed with the sunshine this summer which is lovely.  However, we are also experiencing so incredibly hot days which can cause havoc with our hair. Here’s how you can look after your locks 

this summer;

GET A HAIR CUT: Book yourself in for a trim with your hairdresser.  This way you’ll be starting off on the right foot.  You can get rid of those pesky dry split ends.  

HEAT: If the sun is out and we really don't need to be adding any additional heat to our hair as this will just dry it out unnecessarily. At least once or twice a week, give your hair a break from the hair dryer, straighteners & curling tongs. The best thing you can do is to wash your hair at night, plait it or pop it into a loose ponytail and head off to bed. When you wake up, you'll have nice beach waves that you haven't had to spend hours trying to create. If you've got short hair then just let it air dry and then style as normal in the morning. 

HYDRATION: Like our bodies, our hair needs extra hydration when it’s hot.  It’s worth investing in a good shampoo & conditioner that will add extra moisture to your hair.  Try not to wash your hair as much as you’ll just be drying it out even more as you’ll be stripping it of the essential oils that keep it moisturised.  Another top tip is to use a leave in conditioner if you can, this way your hair will be protected all day long. For example; if you are on holiday, chilling by the pool then a leave in conditioner is perfect. 

USE A MASK ONCE A WEEK: It’s also advisable to give your hair an extra boost by treating it once a week to an intensive mask treatment.  These are available to buy so that you can do this at home or there are several that are available for you to have in the salon if you’d prefer to be pampered.This will add additional moisture to your hair and will help to stop it drying out and becoming brittle.  

PROTECTION: We wouldn’t go out in the sun with no sun cream on, would we?  Likewise, we shouldn’t go out without protecting our hair and our scalp.  The perfect way to protect your scalp and hair is to wear a wide brimmed hat when the sun is at its strongest.  This way you can be sure that you are protecting the whole of your head and that your locks will stay sun damage free.  If you can’t resist the temptation to sit out in the sun or hats just aren’t for you then make sure that as part of your haircare regime you use products that contact UV filters that will help with the sun’s rays.

AVOID OVER BRUSHING: When you return home from time in the sun, especially if you’ve been blown about by the sea breeze, there’s a temptation to get to work with brushing your hair. 

We actually recommend that instead of brushing, you opt for a wide-tooth comb. This is less likely to break your hair as you detangle it. Go slowly and gently, using your fingers to separate knots where necessary, and you should be able to minimise breakage.

KEEP YOUR HAIR OUT OF THE WATER: Enjoying the sea and the pool is fabulous, but it does strip your hair of natural oils. Try not to submerge your hair every day. Instead, cover it up, or keep your head above water, just to give your hair a break. It’s an excuse for using a pool inflatable anyway!

Remember to chat to your hairdresser during your visits for additional tips for sun hair care. They will also have their go-to ideas and solutions.


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