Have you ever wondered why we shampoo your hair twice and then condition it when you visit the salon? 

Here's why; Shampooing your hair twice is beneficial because it allows for proper cleansing, giving you longer periods of time with a clean scalp and keeping away the oily hair problem. The 1st shampoo that you should use should be a “Cleansing one”.   This will be designed to cleanse your hair and get rid of any product build up, grease and general pollutions that are active in the air.  You'll notice that it won't lather a great deal, this is normal. Don’t feel tempted to use lots and lots of shampoo because you feel it’s not lathering up enough.  You only need a small amount of shampoo and this won’t lather because it is cutting through the grease etc. 

The next shampoo will lather much more as the hair will already be clean from the first shampoo.  This is a good way to test if your hair is clean or not.  If your second shampoo doesn’t lather then it’s likely that the hair may still be dirty.  Once you’ve completed your “Cleansing” shampoo the base has been formed for shampoo number 2.   The 2nd shampoo should be specifically targeted to areas that are of concern or your hair type i.e damaged hair, dry hair, oily hair, coloured hair, fine hair etc. 

Always finish with a good conditioner or a mask to complete your hair washing regime.  


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