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This is a bonding oil that contains a heat protector. It also adds shine and reduces drying time. It also helps keep your colour bright and shiny. Just a few drops will restore the appearance of your hair visually and texture physically.

Olaplex 7 increases the shine, softness and colour vibrancy of your hair in between your salon visits.

No 7 will also minimize frizz and flyaway hairs whilst providing UV and heat protection up to 450 F/232 C.  This is the perfect addition to your daily hair care routine especially if you are a lover of heated styling tools.

How to use:

• You can apply Olaplex 7 to either wet or dry hair before styling with any heated appliances. 

• Apply by tipping upside down and tapping the bottom, this will release one dose (shot). 

• You can use up to 3 doses (shots) for long thick hair.


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