You may have heard a rumour that using a SILK pillow case can be good for your hair!  We can confirm that yes, it’s true and here’s why.

SILK pillowcases have lots of benefits.  The biggest one being that your hair glides over it unlike the friction that you get when you sleep on a cotton pillowcase.  Silk ones are nice and smooth against your hair meaning that if you are a restless sleeper that moves around in the night your hair will be fully protected and it will simply slide off your pillow when you move.  Sleeping on a silk pillowcase helps retain moisture in both your hair and skin whereas cotton ones absorb moisture.

Do you ever wake up in the morning with tangles in your hair and you just have no idea how it’s happened?  Again, this is another benefit of sleeping with a silk pillowcase.  Your hair should remain as tangle free in the morning as when you went to bed the night before.

100% Silk is best but if your budget won’t allow then don’t worry reach for a satin one.  These are usually a much more affordable so if you are looking to safe a few pounds then this is a much better option that continuing with a cotton one.  


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