Chemical styling: this means that you’ve been applying too many chemicals to your hair by way of bleaching your hair or by perming it.  These services may initially appear to make your hair look healthy but in time they will weaken the cuticles and they will no longer sit flat.  They will become raises and will overlap one another and the result is dryness, breakage and split ends.

Harsh Brushing: being rough with your hair especially when it’s wet will both weaken your hair strands and cause it to come out.  Excessive back combing will also cause damage to your hair as remember you are forcing it to go in the opposite direction to where it would naturally lie.

Environment: Sun, wind and the natural elements could also be paying a part in damaging your hair without you knowing it.  The wind can cause you hair to tangle unnecessarily and the sun with its UV rays is particularly damaging if you don’t use protection such as a hat.

Heated Tools: We are all guilty of this one. Hairdryers, tongs, straighteners etc are all designed to tame our hair and give us the desired results we crave but over using these can be doing more damage than good.

Overcolouring: We all love to change hair colour from time to time but going from dark to light every couple of months could seriously damage your hair if you attempt this at home.  Major colour changes should always be done by a professional to avoid damaging your hair.


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