There is a difference between dry and damaged hair and before you can find a solution, you’ll need to identify the problem.

Dry hair; this will mean that your hair is lacking the essential oils that keep it naturally lubricated.   Dryness is usually caused by heat styling as when you apply heat you are drying, changes in temperature or simply that your scalp produces less oil than most.

Damaged hair; this will mean that you hair will be lacking proteins that are normally required to keep your hair strong.  Usually, the protein bonds in the hair have been broken and this could be done by over styling, excessive or intensive hair services.

Take the test: - take a small strand of your hair and hold it out at both ends.  Slightly pull the hair so that it stretches.  Healthy hair should stretch up to one-third of its length.  If it snaps quickly then this is a clear sign of protein damage.  If it stretches but returns misshapen or remains in its stretched state even when no longer pulled, then this would indicate that you have dry hair.


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