Wednesday are usually known as “Hump Day” as it’s that middle day of the week where everyone tends to feel a little bit flat.  We are 2 days into work and 2 days away from the weekend, maybe that’s the reason.  

We’re about to make Wednesday’s a whole lot better.  Here at “The Hairdressers” we understand that it’s not always possible to come into the salon on a Saturday for a colour service.  Sometimes there are just not enough hours in the day and Saturdays are taken up with endless other jobs.  So, with this in mind we have introduced “Why not WEDNESDAY’S”.  If you have a day off in the week then why not take advantage of this amazing offer with Megan.  You will receive 20% off any Colour, Cut and Blow Dry bill if you book in for your service on any Wednesday!  

This offer is proving to be very popular and as you can imagine spaces are limited so you’ll have to book early to take advantage.  Why not get yourself booked in and save £’s on your next colour service.  Wednesdays could soon become the new Saturdays!


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