Firstly, what is a dry scalp and many people confuse this with Dandruff.

Your skin is usually divided into 5 different types; oily, sensitive, combination, normal and dry.  Dry skin is caused by the skin’s inability to produce enough sebum and natural oils which would usually keep it moisturised.  If not moisturised the top layer of the skin dries out, cracks and sheds looking like fine flakes. A dry scalp usually results in it being itchy too whilst dandruff does not often cause irritation.

A naturally dry skin type can be behind a dry scalp however sometimes hormonal conditions and the side effects of certain medications can add to this.  It can be uncomfortable and can result in your hair being over frizzy and dull in appearance because the scalp isn’t producing enough oil to keep it lubricated.  

Restoring nature moisture levels of your scalp isn’t like moisturising your skin as you cannot apply cream to the head as this will leave the hair greasy and limp in appearance.  The best thing to do is to use a dedicated shampoo to treat the problem.  In-salon we stock Sensi Balance by L’Oreal which is specifically designed to help with dry scalp problems.


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