Life has changed so much since this time 12 months ago and some days everything can seem overwhelming. When this happens, we need to take a moment out to re-group. Here's a few tips that might help you get back on track 

Why not come off your phone for a few hours: being on our phones all the time can all get a bit much, there is so much news, so much rubbish and hours of scrolling here there and everywhere can play havoc with your brain.  

Why not try exercising: you don’t have to go mad, just a gentle walk will work wonders for you, it will clear your head and you’ll feel more focussed afterwards.

Get some fresh air; being outside is the perfect way to make you feel better, breathing in fresh air, listening to nature and generally getting outdoors instead of being inside looking as the same 4 walls really will boost your mood.

Have a nap: there is nothing wrong with having a little power nap when you feel you need it.  This allows the brain to completely switch off and recharge.

Take a bath: this will relax your brain as well as the muscles in your body and should leave you feeling totally relaxed.

Whatever you do, remember it’s o.k not to be o.k. sometimes.


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