It’s great when the summer arrives and we finally get to see the sunshine as it has so many benefits.  However, like our skin, when the sun is out it’s really important to make sure that we look after our hair.  Here are a few tips on how to protest your hair this summer;

WEAR A HAT: This is the quickest, easiest and cheapest method of protecting your hair.  If your hair is covered then the rays from the sun cannot damage it.

GO NATURAL: After washing your hair try and leave it to dry naturally and if you can avoid using unnecessary heat like hair dryers, tongs or straighteners.

SWAP HAIR PRODUCTS: Try swapping your usual shampoo and conditioner for something with additional moisture in it as your hair will thank you for it.  

USE PROTECTION: Like sun cream, some hair products contain UV protection so it’s important to choose products that contain these during the summer as it will give you added protection when out in the sunshine.

HAVE AN IN-SALON TREATMENT: In-salon treatments are usually much more concentrated than ones that you can buy from the high street.  By having one this will give your hair that extra boost that it needs to keep it in tip top condition.

KEEP HYDRATED: Sounds logical doesn’t it but how many of us are guilty of not drinking enough water?  Your hair on the outside often reflects what is going on in the inside so the more water you drink the more hydrated your hair will be making it less likely to become damaged.

If you follow the above then both you and your hair will have a fabulous summer.


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