This topic can be quite distressing if you don’t know why it’s happening.  It can cause you emotional distress as you can suddenly wake up one day and realise that your hair is not as thick as it used to be and it appears thinner in appearance.  This is something that both Women and Men can suffer from and the reasons are not always age-related.  The good news is, you can improve the quality of thinning hair.

The science: - overtime our hair follicles can stop producing new hair which leave our scalp more visible.  They are still produced but at a lesser rate than before. Eye colour, height, body shape and hair type are all related to our genetics.  Some people are just born with naturally finer hair whilst others are lucky to be blessed with a full head of thick hair.  Why not compare that with your family to see if thin hair is a family trait.
You can improve the appearance of thinning hair by using products that can make your hair look thicker.  Styling your hair is another key point, by just making subtle changes to the way you style your hair could make all the difference.  Try moving your parting as this could create a different look and make your hair appear thinker.  Why not chat to your stylist next time you visit the salon as they a great source of knowledge and they may be able to recommend something that can help.


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