Have you noticed that you’ve lost more hair during lockdown?  You are not alone. 
Lockdown has certainly affected the health of our hair this last year or so.  There are many reasons why you could be losing more hair; lockdown restrictions, change of routine, stress and even a change in eating habits.  All these things affect how our hair looks and feels.  Another big factor is heating!  Being indoors during the last lockdown and having the heating on can cause our hair to dry out leaving it brittle and weak and this is made even worse when the weather is cold outside.  

Worry due to the pandemic, our jobs and family concerns and potentially lack of sleep could also be a contributing factor to hair loss.  With some of us now working from home a change in diet could definitely be to blame.  Our hair needs vital nourishments including our scalp.  Without essential vitamins and minerals our scalp is under nourished and this can lead to problems such as dry, brittle hair and even increased hair loss.

If your hair feels fragile then there are things you can do; try to reduce over styling it with heated products.  Speak to your stylist on what products are available to best repair the damage that may have been caused during lockdown.  Keep hydrated, drink lots of water and make sure you are getting enough nutrients from your daily food intake.

Treatments are a great way of getting your hair on track and we have lots available within salon to suit every budget.  Our treatments start at just £4 and range up to £20 for the super OLAPLEX treatment which will definitely get your hair back on track.  Don’t forget to ask about adding a treatment on to your next service.  Your hair will definitely thank you for it.


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