What are Split Ends? They are the result of the fraying or splitting of the hair fibre.

Does everyone get Split Ends? Not to the same degree, all hair types can suffer from split ends but you may have more or less than your friends due to your haircare routine.  How intensely you style your hair, what products you use will all have an effect.

Environmental and weather conditions such as wind, rain and sun, pollution and lifestyle can also affect the quality of your hair making it more prone to damage which can cause split ends.

Split ends can often be caused by towel drying and brushing your hair harshly.  Rubbing your hair too roughly can weaken the cuticles and even break the fibres of your hair.

Try gently squeezing our excess moisture from your hair with a cotton t-shire before blow drying.

Before drying, use a detangling spray if you have long hair and comb it through with a wide toothed comb as this can minimise damage.

Another culprit of split ends is heat damage. So, when drying use a low heat setting.  When heath is too high it breaks down the chemical bonds which normally provide strength to the hair’s fibres.

If you are using heated tools such as tongs or straighteners then make sure you use a heat protector before you start.

Last but not least, have regular trims with your stylist.  This will get rid of those pesky split ends allowing your hair to look healthy again.


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